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It all started with a holiday card nearly eight years ago.

Holiday Card Design Madison Wisconsin

Simple beginnings can lead to priceless relationships. We remember this each year as we design one-of-a-kind, on-brand holiday cards for a number of our clients. Check out some of these designs below and learn about the great work these organizations are doing.

Nearly eight years ago, a holiday card was the first project Morgridge Institute for Research gave to us. We were thrilled to get the chance to prove ourselves. Today, Morgridge relies upon Huston Design for everything from branding and website design to donor communications and everything in between. Rarely does a week go by without their communications team turning to us for design and marketing work that helps them cover more ground and grow as an organization. This is often how it starts with our clients. They trust us with a little project. We delight them by being faithful and doing great work in everything we do, and then they keep coming back for more great work again and again over the years. It’s a great reminder for us that there’s no such thing as a small project, only small thinking.

It is an honor to be so trusted as a design & marketing partner that our clients let us guide them on major endeavors like brand redesigns, new websites and event communications design for major events each year, and also the smaller stuff that still matters a whole lot, like holiday card design, and even simple logo file adjustments or resizing an existing ad to fit a new format. We believe this is the essence of true partnership, when a client relies on us as an extension of their team and invites us into everyday as well as flashy projects.

Season’s Greetings from Morgridge Institute for Research

In relentless pursuit of “fearless science”, Morgridge Institute for Research aims to improve human health through innovative, interdisciplinary biomedical discoveries, spark scientific curiosity and serve society through translational outcomes, in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Guided by core values of Curiosity, Collaboration, Integrity and Inspiration, the Morgridge team believes that science doesn’t thrive by asking “safe” questions. They support researchers who take reasoned risks that may yield greater rewards to human health. Learn more about Morgridge Institute for Research here. 

Happy holidays from WPPI Energy

Did you know that the nation’s leading public power collective is right here in Wisconsin? WPPI Energy is the clear leader among their peers in helping their member utilities accomplish more by working together for reliable, affordable, responsible electricity, forward-thinking services and effective advocacy. As a member-owned, not-for-profit entity, WPPI Energy helps its 51 member communities set the standard for locally-owned utilities working together to help their communities thrive. Learn more about WPPI Energy here.

Happy New Year from the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters.

We love the artwork featured on this holiday card, one of many contemporary Wisconsin works the Wisconsin Academy showcases at the James Watrous Gallery. The Wisconsin Academy also examines science and culture in Wisconsin People & Ideas magazine, and explores pathways to a sustainable future through its Climate and Energy Initiative. Their courses and public talks provide opportunities to learn and explore. The Academy recognizes excellence through the annual Fiction & Poetry Awards and Fellows Awards for leadership in and across disciplines. They also support the Wisconsin Poet Laureate and other endeavors that help the Academy create a better world by connecting Wisconsin people and ideas. Learn about the Wisconsin Academy’s work and programs here. 

These are just a few of the amazing clients we get to serve at Huston Design. While it’s been more than 21 years since we hung out our shingle, it is still an unbelievable honor to be part of the great work that clients like these organizations are doing and to help them convey their messages clearly, compellingly and beautifully. Happy holidays from the small crew of merry elves at Huston Design!

If we can help you with projects large or small to get the marketing & design oomph you need for the growth you want, schedule a call today to chat with us. We’d love to hear from ‘ya!