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Why Print Still Rocks in Our Digital World

Why Print Still Rocks in Our Digital World

Let's talk about print. Yes, in this digital-everything age, it sounds a bit old-school, but hear me out — there’s something special about the printed word that the digital world just can’t match.

Hey, look. Here at Huston Design, we love, use and design for digital daily, from websites and e-newsletters, to digital ad banners and animated motion graphics for social. But we’ll always have a big place in our hearts for the power of print. It’s still a big part of the graphic design work we do for our clients.

Print: The Trusty Old Friend

Think about how much junk floods your inbox or pops up while you’re trying to read something online. It’s easy to feel like just another target in the digital ad onslaught. 

But then there’s print. A whopping 82% of folks (and not just the old ones) say they trust printed ads more than digital ones when they’re deciding what to buy. That’s because there’s something about holding a piece of print in your hands — it feels more serious, more real. It’s not just another email that you swipe away.

Sticking Around

Here’s another thing about print: it hangs around. While digital ads disappear into the ether once you scroll past, that flyer or brochure can sit on your coffee table, pop up on your fridge, or get passed around to friends. 

It’s not just a fleeting pixel; it’s a physical object that sticks around, keeps chatting you up, and reminding you it exists.

The Cure for Digital Overload

Remember when we all got glued to our screens during the pandemic? Yeah, turns out too much screen time makes a lot of us want to pull the plug. 

Surveys show about 75% of people feel swamped by digital ads every day. That’s where print comes in — it cuts through the digital clutter. Flipping through a magazine or a brochure can be a real breath of fresh air, giving your eyes a break from the screen.

Print Hits Different, Feels Better

There’s science behind why print feels more impactful, too. Studies show that our brains react differently to printed stuff. We’re actually more engaged when reading print; it sparks stronger feelings and sticks in our memories longer. So, when it’s time to buy, that printed ad has a sneaky advantage — it’s been cozying up in your brain for a while.

Not your Grand-daddy’s Print. Now Made Just for You.

Now, print’s got some new tricks up its sleeve. Thanks to cool tech advancements, each piece of print can be tailored just for you. Imagine getting a postcard that’s been customized with things that you actually like or are interested in. It’s like getting a gift that’s been picked out just for you, not just a mass-produced flyer.

Playing Nice with Digital

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not down on digital, but print is a powerful part of the mix. Print and digital are actually a great team when used together. You can scan a QR code on a print ad to watch a video or snag a special online deal. This combo hooks you up with the best of both worlds: you get the tangible coolness of print with the convenience of digital.

Why Print Isn’t Going Anywhere

Even though we live in a digital world, print’s sticking around because it’s just that good at what it does. It grabs our attention in ways digital ads can’t, and it makes us feel things more deeply. 

People still love to get their hands on something real, and that’s why print remains a powerful tool, especially when you want to make a real impression.

So yeah, print might seem a bit retro, but it’s definitely not going out of style. Whether it’s a beautifully designed brochure or a snazzy, personalized postcard, print has a unique way of connecting with us that digital messages can’t match. It’s not just surviving in the digital age; it’s thriving, proving that sometimes, the classic ways are still the best.

If you want to maximize your marketing mix, let’s chat about how print could be a key element. Our graphic designers are masters when it comes to carrying your branding and message across digital and print channels in a way that makes your audience sit up and take notice. 

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