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About Us

No contracts. No retainers. No nonsense. We’re here to help you win. (and win you back over and over again.)

We’re a small, savvy team of experienced designers & writers. We thrive in the digital world, but we’re still old fashioned enough to believe that it’s on us to earn your business every single day. It’s how we started more than 22 years ago, and it’s worked out pretty well. Most of our clients have been with us for about as long as we’ve been at this.


Meet our Team

John Huston | Creative Director

In more than 20 years leading Huston Design, John has never grown tired of the amazing range of challenges that come across our desk and serving up creative solutions. Some are design challenges. Others are just good old problem solving, like how to efficiently make a library of thumbnails for more than 600 pieces of art efficiently (P.S. It took 4 minutes.) John’s known for being “disarmingly chill”, applying design thinking and a cool head to even the toughest task. He’s come a long way since his teenage days in Spencer, Iowa, slinging newspapers and Happy Joe’s Pizza, and building Formula 1 crash barriers one college summer while home from Iowa State University. This year, in addition to designing logos, websites and annual reports, John’s looking forward to cooking, woodworking and biking in the Colorado Mountains.

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Hilary Kleese | Partner | Marketing | Writer

Hilary is a writer at heart and in practice, a lover of words and story that can be harnessed to compel audiences to action and grow brands and businesses. She loves collaborating with designers, but she’s tired of hearing “too many words / trim the copy” every day of her life. (Will she never learn?) As an avid reader, she’s quick with book recommendations across a range of genres. She can also offer you recipe recommendations, especially for comfort food, and enjoys knitting, camping and travels around the Midwest and beyond. Her heart will always be in Iowa, though. She’s an Iowa farm girl through and through, with the Twin Bing crush, University of Iowa Hawkeye swag and wrestling cheerleader war stories to prove it.

Katie Thompson | Designer

Katie creates. It’s in her DNA. Even when she’s not designing for our clients, she’s crafty in all kinds of ways, from knitting and painting, to making sculptures and jewelry. She was inspired to create from her very first job as the official Sticker Counter and Gel Pen Tester at her grandparents’ office supply store. Katie loves getting to know our clients so that she can delight them with design solutions that resonate. After all, the better we know our clients, the better we can design. As a self-proclaimed homebody, Katie picks a woodsy cabin over a busy beach any day. With a book. And ideally a fireplace. She’s in it for the cozy. Serve up a bowl of Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos and turn on a thriller/suspense/horror movie, and you’re her new best friend.

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Austen Wallenfang | Designer

Whether it's a weekday or weekend, Austen is always up for an adventure. He's the type of guy who has been known to swim with sharks, study in South America and Switzerland, and is always starting new hobbies. And of course, he's always happy to share his (sometimes long-winded) stories with anyone who will listen - but you’ll have to decide for yourself if they are true stories or not. As an award-winning designer, Austen thrives on taking on new challenges and working with a variety of clients and industries. He's always eager to dive into the creative aspects of different businesses and perspectives. Not surprisingly, he’ll be adding a few more adventures to his list this year while visiting more state and national parks.