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5 Signs Your Website Design Needs a Dust Off

Digital ink never truly dries, and your website will never truly be finished. Your website design is a dynamic reflection of your business that should constantly evolve to meet your goals and your audience's needs. For sure, you need regular web updates and fresh content, but these five challenges could signal that your website design needs a power grinder (or at least a dust off) in the form of a website redesign or website design refresh. Read on to see if any of this rings true for your business. If so, we should jump on a call and talk strategy for putting a website redesign on the docket for your business in 2024.

1. Outdated Website Design is holding your business back. 

Three years in the digital world is an eternity, with constant shifts in website design trends and best practices. The rule of thumb is to redesign (or at least refresh) your website every three years to stay ahead of evolving web design trends. Regular updates maintain your site's competitiveness, appeal to visitors as well as your site's security and performance.

A fresh, modern website design can breathe new life into your business, attract more visitors, and improve conversion rates. It ensures an outstanding user experience across desktop, mobile, and other devices. If your business isn't ready for a complete redesign, we can help you identify simple ways to refresh it for significant gains.

2. Your business has changed and evolved, and your website design hasn’t kept up. 

If your business has evolved since your last website update, your website design, navigation and content should evolve with it. Whether you've added new products or services, team members, or shifted your focus, your website should align with your current goals. An experienced website design partner will make sure that your website design and user experience aligns with your current business objectives and highlights the value you offer today.

Hanging new services and capabilities on an old website design will work for a while, but it can quickly lead to confusion and clutter. If your business goals have evolved, your website should reflect those changes. Redesign your website to effectively communicate these transformations.

3. Your customers are confused, keep asking questions that you thought your website answered. Or they went with your competitor because they “didn’t know you did that”.

Have you ever lost a customer because they weren't aware of the services you provide? It's a common frustration, and it suggests hidden or missing offerings on your website that are costing you business. Additionally, if customers repeatedly ask questions that should be easily answered on your website, it's a sign that your content isn't clear or accessible. A website redesign can make vital information clear and obvious, reducing user frustration and improving the overall experience.

4. Your website user experience isn’t consistently great across devices.

A responsive website design is essential for connecting with prospects and customers, yet many businesses fall short in providing an easy-to-use and functional design across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. Review your Google Analytics to understand user preferences and behaviors across different devices. A great website user experience ensures that customers, regardless of how they access your website, quickly find what they need without frustration.

5. When your prospects and customers search for what you do, they find your competitors’ website instead of yours.

If this is true for you, your sales team is probably already calling for a change. Making sure that your on-page content, your website design and your ongoing content marketing helps you get found online, generate leads and earn business opportunities. If you’re not happy with how things are going, then it's time to assess your website's performance metrics and figure out how your website design and content can address it to generate the business results you need.

Stagnant website traffic, low engagement, or inadequate lead generation and conversions indicate the need for a website redesign or refresh. Website design plays a crucial role in improving your site's search engine optimization (SEO) and ensuring that your business gets found online by the people you want to matter to. By optimizing your website design and online presence, you tell search engines you're the go-to expert, resulting in more prominent placement on relevant search results.

Your website is the face of your business and a key tool for achieving success. To stand out, communicate your value clearly, and drive business growth, your website design has to be outstanding. 

If you're ready to explore what a website redesign or refresh could do for your business, book a strategy session online, and let’s talk. Our team has a proven track record of helping Wisconsin brands and businesses succeed. Book your strategy session today, and view our work.